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Monday, August 15, 2022

Protect your home with a homeowners insurance plan through Guardify. Get in touch and let us help you build the right policy for you and your home.

Home Insurance

Fire, burglary, large leak, or any other covered issue can be devastating for a homeowner. We know that an insurance policy cannot cover every component of recovery that may be needed when time in a home or personal assets are considered. However, our policies are in place to provide the correct amount of compensation for contents and reconstruction as needed.

Home Insurance Policies Include:

  • Content coverage for your possessions, both large and small
  • Living expenses if you have to leave your home while construction takes place
  • Replacement costs for your home itself

Additional policies are available for valuable possessions, additional liability coverage, flood insurance, earthquake insurance, and other specifics needs.

Your home is more than simply where you sleep and store your belongings. It is where you live, spend time with others, seek personal comfort, and grow with friends and family. With adequate protection in place, in the event of an accident or natural disaster, we can restore your home to provide this comfort once again.

Just as your home is unique to you, so will the needs be unique depending on the home, its location, your contents, and much more. By contacting Guardify Insurance Group today, we can begin narrowing down exactly what your needs are and preparing a policy that is suited for you.

With representation growing in every part of the state, one of our many goals is to provide the best service for clients all over Texas. To find an agent near you, one who understands the community you live and work in, contact us today.