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Monday, August 15, 2022

Whether its one vehicle, or a fleet, Guardify would like to help you with your commercial auto insurance. Contact us today for more information.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Businesses have vehicles for a number of purposes, whether you are transporting goods, transporting people, or transporting employees as part of their job duties, your business wants to make sure the vehicles, the contents, and most importantly, the people are covered. Accidents happen and having the right coverage for protection is important.

Commercial Auto Policies Include:

  • Coverage for injury
  • Coverage for physical damage
  • Coverage for external forces (natural disasters, vandalism, theft)

Because each business has different needs, their automobile policy will have different coverage. Guardify will sit down to discuss the number of vehicles, number of drivers, purpose of transportation, and other details to provide you with exactly what you need.

To begin evaluating what your needs may be, for your commercial or personal insurance, contact Guardify today. We can begin assessing your needs immediately and can start providing you with the protection your business needs.


Why Choose Guardify Insurance Group for Commercial Auto Insurance?

We only work with A-rated insurance companies that seek to deliver superior service at the best rates available.  Our carriers provide a variety of tools to help mitigate loss and keep your business a great, safe place to work.

Guardify recognizes the importance of flexibility in today’s business environment. We work closely with our owners of small and mid-sized businesses to design the specific packages you need to comply with and succeed. Additionally, we offer Business Review touchpoints, so we can evaluate the success of policies, plans implemented.

To get the best policy, it matters which insurance company you choose for your commercial auto insurance - consider these 5 factors for choosing Guardify.

5 factors for choosing Guardify

With representation growing in every part of the state, one of our many goals is to provide the best service for clients all over Texas. To find an agent near you, one who understands the community you live and work in, contact us today.